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The site provides an automatically generated, structured list of job posts from the "Who is Hiring" threads on Hacker News. Behind the scenes, it uses the Algolia HN Search API to get the data from Hacker News and OpenAI's GPT models to parse the unstructured posts. is not affiliated with Hacker News / Y Combinator.

Accuracy of the listed information / Disclaimer

Since the original data is retrieved from the Algolia HN API and then parsed with the help of a machine learning model, there is no guarantee that the shown information is correct. Do not use this site as a source of truth. It should only be used to get a quick overview of the current posts without the need for 100% accuracy. Please always check the "Source" link which directs you to the actual post on Hacker News.

How can I apply to a listed job?

This site only lists the jobs as posted on Hacker News. You have to click on "Source" and read the original post to find out about where to apply for the job.

How can I post a job?

This site is only aggregating data from Hacker News. If you want to post a job, you'd have to join the Hacker News community, get to know their guidelines, and post your job in the monthly "Who is Hiring" story.

There also is a very limited number of spots for advertising your job directly on If you're interested in doing so, please reach out to

Where is my data stored?

The site does not collect data from individual users. We use Plausible Analytics to track the general usage of the site (see our Privacy Notice), but there is no other data collected or stored on our servers. When you mark jobs as favorites (using the star icon), this info is stored locally in your browser (via localstorage), which also means that it won't be available across devices.

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